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Services commonly provided by MIRRI’s partner organisations, e.g. supply, deposit or identification of microbial resources by gene sequencing, as wll as advanced services, e.g. genomics, screening of metabolites, phylogenetic analysis, consultancy, and up to 95 services.

For workflows/pipelines of services, please consult the MIRRI’s Application-specific Service Catalogue.

Human cell line authentication by STR profiling

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The generated STR profile is compared to an appropriate reference sample. If available, DNA from the donor of the tested cell line is the best comparison. If donor DNA can no longer be accessed, the STR profile obtained for the sample is compared to all STR profiles available using an online database.


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Human cell line authentication

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Short Tandem Repeat (STR) profiling to verify human cell line's identity and presence of cross-contamination from other cell lines

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