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List of clusters

The MIRRI’s Expert Cluster platform is an online virtual collaborative space to promote interaction among different research and innovation actors (researchers in the public domain, companies, policy makers, etc.) and across sector boundaries.
This platform allows, among other things, the access to a wide selection of experts and to consultancy services related to the use of microbial resources.
The implementation of the clusters of expertise is on-going. Currently, we are creating a community of experts on Legal Issues associated with the use of microbial resources. The clusters on other topics will come soon.

There are a number of legal and ethical aspects that the users need to consider when working with microorganisms. Therefore, the Legal Issues expert cluster aims to support stakeholders in the compliant use of microbial resources. If you want to reach our experts, please contact us at

Specific topics/sub-topics of expertise

– Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) in the frame of the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Nagoya Protocol
– Agreements for the transfer or the deposit of microbial resources (MTA and MDA)
– Biosafety: Safe use of the microbial resources, protecting the health of the workers and the environment
– Biosecurity: Prevention of the misuse of microbial resources
– Budapest Treaty: Deposit of microbial resources in International Depository Authorities for the purpose of patent procedures
– Intellectual Property Rights associated with the use of microbial resources

If you want to reach our experts please contact us at